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Reductress Headlines

We Opened Our Relationship Because We Support Ethical Non-Monogamy, and Still Have 10 Months On Our Lease

Why I Had To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs To Find A Man Who’s Okay With My Frog Fetish

I Lived It: I Only Look Hot In Roller Coaster Photos

I Drive A Sports Car Because I Have A Tiny Vagina

4 Pajama Sets That Aren’t as Comfortable as the Cast Shirt From Your High School Production of ‘Oklahoma!’

I Wanted To Be A Traditional Housewife, So I Married My House

My Husband and I Make It Work Even Though I’m a Christian and He’s an Aardvark

How to Have the Body Confidence of a Naked Toddler

This Woman Redeemed 500,000 Sephora Points For A New Face

Brave! This Woman Threw Away Her Scale Because The Display Stopped Working

Wow! Woman Gets 10,000 Steps a Day by Living in a City Without Public Transportation

I Would Never Get Plastic Surgery – Unless Someone Else Paid for It

Girl Boss! During An Important Meeting, This Woman Didn’t Spin Her Chair And Say “Wheee”

Cheating Is Never Okay, Unless I Do It in Which Case We’re All Human

Vagina Also Participating in Dry January, Apparently

Here’s Elizabeth Warren’s Birth Chart Because Why Not?

Woman Takes ‘Dry Clean Only’ Tag On Sweater As Permission To Never Wash It

How to Make Sure Everyone Knows You Only Use Reddit For Skincare

Yes! This Woman Was Named CEO to Distract From Her Company’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Show Him You’re Down to Earth by Dwelling in a Subterranean Cave

This Woman Stays Out Of Toxic Social Media Drama Because She’s Amish

How to Be in a Room With a Fireplace Without Getting Distracted By How Cool Fire Is

QUIZ: Is He an 18th Century Nobleman Or Does He Just Know Cursive?

5 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Will Drive You Mad In Your Quest To Find Them

Fun Hobbies That Are All Trying to File for Unemployment Before The Website Crashes Again

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Hello to Thick Cracks

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